2008 Rumle of the kings: Semifinal: Joakim Karlsson vs. Marcus Öberg

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

K-1 Scandinavia is probably the second largest K-1 event in Europé. It's been held in about 5 consecutive years and usually serves as a qualification tournament to either the K-1 Max or WGP events.

Superfight: Yodsaenklai Fairtex vs. Levin Artem Being a WMC world title fight, the fight is introduced with both nationalities national anthem. WMC is the biggest and most acknowledged thai boxing organization in the world. Before the fight both fighters dance the traditional Kru Muay.

Also presented was the Beautiful Boxer, Nong Tum Fairtex Nong vs Pernilla Johansson.

Results of the Quarerfinals and other fights are as follows:

Elias Daniel vs. Joakim Carlsson
Winner Joakim Carlsson

Mattias Karlsson vs. Marcus Öberg
Winner Marcus Öberg

Dzhabar Askerov vs. Jordan Tai Winner Dzhabar Askerov

Marco Pique vs. Bruce Mcfie
Winner Marco Pique

Semifinal: Joakim Karlsson vs. Marcus Öberg

Round 1
Both fighters are really focused in the beginning of the round. They throw hard and well aimed techniques at each other. The tempo is mid pace and it's hard to see a clear winner of the round.

Round 2
In the second round Joakim increase the tempo and Marcus adapts. Both fighters have a really tight game and are hard to hit. In the middle of the round the tempo falls back to mid pace, and the fighters begin to look tired. In my opinion Marcus seem to be somewhat better, but Joakim has shaken Marcus a couple of times.

In between rounds Marcus is bleeding from the nose.

Round 3
The tempo in the fight has dropped somewhat, but every technique is delivered hard and precise. This is a very nice technical fight. In the middle of the round Marcus is beginning to take the lead, I don't think Joakim can win the fight. Joakim gets a standing count, and after a few more punches the fight is over.

Both fighters seem really happy and tired after the fight. They're obviously still good friends. The decision must be hard for the judges, as it takes some time to present it. The result is announced as a draw and one more round will separate the fighters.

Round 4
The tempo is back up and Joakim begin to take command with some hard punches in the beginning of the round. Marcus seem shaken, but gets back in the game. After a minute the tempo goes down, the fighters are tired! These are good fighters, but no matter how the fight ends, the fighter going to the final will have a lot of recovery to do. In the middle of the round Marcus seem to be getting the upper hand again.

As the round ends both fighters are super tired and Joakim ends up on the floor. Marcus Öberg is announced as the winner.